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How Do I Copy and Paste on iPad?

You just have came into the new world of iPad, you want to apply all its apps freely, just because you can operate the computer very well, it doesn't mean that you can handle the Apple iPad device properly, sometimes you just want to edit the files like selecting, copying and pasting to organize your files based on type. Needs are growing, technology is progressing! Apple insists that the basic editing functions like copy-and-paste capability on iPad should be offered. This feature enables texts, images, videos to be cut, copied and pasted from one app to another, so for instance a piece of text can be copied from a web page and pasted into an email, or a photo from Photos, Mail or Safari when viewing a web page can be pasted to use in another application.

As an iPad owner, copy-and-paste capability is one basic yet very useful operation, for example, you may often receive photos in an email that you want to keep them on iPad for backup, or maybe you are eager to cherish the image in a website onto the device.

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Here is a handy tip for those novices to learn how to copy and paste on iPad with perfect ease.

Step 1: Make sure the text you want to select can be duplicated, then touch and hold your finger on the iPad screen (If you want to select Safari text, make sure that your are online, or maybe you can connect iPad to Wi-Fi here).

Step 2: Then a magnifying glass pops up. Tap "Select" and "Select All" to choose the text that you want to copy. There are 2 options for you to choose: Tap "Select All" button to select all of the text, or Tap "Select" to select more or less text by dragging the grab points (If you want to search the text that you want to paste, just refer to find things on iPad using spotlight).

select the text to copy on ipad

Step 3: After another window with "Cut" and "Copy" appears, just tap "Copy" button here.

Step 4: Designate selected text to any apps that allowing pasting, such as Messages, Mail and Notes etc. Press and hold a finger on the text field until the "Paste" button appears. That's it!

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