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How to Close Pandora for iPad Easily?

Are you enjoying Pandora on iPad? With it you can create stations, rate songs, save bookmarks, and edit preferences all without leaving the page. Further more, you can listen to your favorite musical artists and Internet radio stations on Pandora even when doing multitask on an iPad, sometimes you just want to turn off Pandora without rebooting. Then how can you operate this well. Here we just sum up and share you with the easiest way to close Pandora on iPad.

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Simple Steps to Turn off Pandora on iPad Freely

Step 1: Double press the "Home" button, then a list of all "running" programs will be displayed at the bottom of the screen (not all of these are actually doing anything, but are normally still in memory).

Step 2: Swipe left or right on the multitasking bar to locate the Pandora app. Touch and hold the "Pandora" app icon until the icons begin to shake.

setup to close ipad pandora

Step 3: Tap the small "X" button at the top left of the icon to close "Pandora". Pandora will shut down. Press the "Home" button once to close the multitasking toolbar.

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